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Ticálié Classes

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    This is a 30 minute class that is held once a week for 3 and 4 year olds. As this is usually their first time in a dance studio, they are taught studio etiquette while learning to follow instruction in a group environment. Dancers begin to learn the basics of Irish dance such as turn out, timing and coordination through fun exercises. 


This is a 1 hour class once a week for children 5 and up starting Irish dance for the first time. Dancers will begin to learn proper techniques through the integration of strengthening exercises. The reel and light jig as well as proper warm ups and stretching will be introduced.

Pre Advanced

This is a 1 hour class once a week for children 5 who have previous Irish Dance experience. Dancers will contiune to learn proper techniques through the integration of strengthening exercises. Soft shoe dances are taught as well as proper warm-ups and stretching will be introduced.


This is a 1-hour class two days a week for dancers who have completed their basic soft dances. Dancers will continue to focus on proper technique while learning basic hard shoe. This class also starts preparing dancers for competition. Drills and advanced warm up's to strengthen the dancers skills are also worked on throughout the year.


This class is for dancers who are actively competing in the grades level. Dancers will be focusing on perfecting their skills and teqnique in both soft shoe and hard shoe. Dancers at this level are attending most performances around our community as well as attending summer workshops to keep their skills ready for the next dance season. 

Pre Championship

This is a class for competitive dancers who are climbing their way towards championship level. We focus on mastering their skills through a variety of drills, exercises and advanced fitness. Dancers at this level also take part in fitness and strengthening workshops offered throughout the year as well as all performances and events.


    This class is for competitive dancers in preliminary and open championship and is the most advanced level of Irish dance. These dancers are competing at a National and International level. At this level the dancer’s discipline and work ethic have been built throughout their years of hard work. Having mastered the basics of Irish dance, the dancers now push themselves to new levels of their dancing career. Dancers are pushed in their fitness, strengthening and dancing to reach new heights. Their dedication to the sport will show the other dancers of the school their love and passion towards Irish Dance and will inspire future dancers to come.

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